10 Skinfluencers On TikTok – They Will Change Your Skincare Routine Forever

As our attention span gets shorter, it seems understandable that we are now consuming more and more of the beauty content on TikTok instead of YouTube.  Unfortunately, If you already have a scrolling addiction, skincare TikTok is just going to enhance that. Everything what’s there contains new skincare tips, involving the product reviews, pharmacy discovers and dermatologist recommendations. Therefore, once you dive into skincare TikTok, you will not leave.
Without a doubt most of you may already be familiar with (and follow) Hyram. His celebrity skincare reaction videos are legendary, as is his love for CeraVe. However, Hyram is not the only skinfluencer on TikTok worth following.

 Dermatologists such as Dr Shah (@DermDoctor) utilize their 30 second videos to cover different skin conditions. In addition, she gives tips for eliminating blackheads that don’t involve pore strips. If you’re on a budget, @BauerBeauty shares her ‘esthetician approved’ supermarket discoveries. Therefore, you can save your hard-earned money but nevertheless moisturize your skin barrier.  While others like @YayayaYoung discuss their hints, products and routines for how they obtain their skin looking like a slab of marble. 

To make this a little easier, we have compiled a list of a few of our favourite experts and influencers, that are worth checking out. 

Just promise us, after being introduced to skin care TikTok you will finally stop that face wash addiction and wear SPF everyday. 

Future you will thank us…



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♬ original sound – xxx

Obviously Hyram has to be number one on our listing.  The skincare enthusiast blew on YouTube after his review of Kylie Skin went viral. Also, he’s to blame for the TikTok CeraVe uprising.  Our favorite Hyram videos need to be his skincare reactions.  If you would like to feel better about your daily life, we highly suggest seeing him roast your favourite celebrities as they slather on essential oils. 



Reply to @xxamoree I dropped my phone dead center of my forehead first thing this morning can you see it? Not the pimple, next to that! ##botox

♬ original sound – barrier queen

Bauer Beauty is obsessed with protecting your skin barrier and roasting brands who launch products with skincare formulas she does not agree with.  Subsequently, if you’re searching for affordable supermarket skincare, her series can help you discover the hidden gems on the drugstore shelves. 



New Velveeta Skincare! Not available yet & I’m first to review! @cheesy_velveeta ##AD ##VbyVelveeta

♬ SAVE ME – Ben Garlock

Dr Shah is a dermatologist who shares his knowledge on a wide selection of skincare topics and requirements.  As a result, he covers everything from why you’re addicted to lip balm (and the way to break this habit), to signals of hormonal imbalance on the skin. 



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♬ Nice To Meet Ya – Wes Nelson

Dr Rattan specialises in the skin of colour and posts video particularly for non-caucasian skin. Therefore, she covers everything in the best CeraVe products for people of color, into the best acids for skin of color. 



There is no such thing as perfect skin! ##bestfriend ##jujutsukaisen ##glassskin

♬ BESUTO FURENDO – Laurence Antony

@YayayaYoung’s channel description tells you all you need to know about his personality -“Egg Looking Straight Skincare Specialist”.  Not only does he have incredible skin, but he shares his tips with a sense of humor. 

6.  @208SKINDOC


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♬ original sound – Dr Dustin Portela

Do you remember in The Office series when Michael Scott asked Oscar to “explain it to me like I’m five”? This is exactly what Dr Dustin Portela does with skincare.  Some of our favorite videos are where he teaches his daughter about components, because sadly no one taught us concerning vitamin C at school. 



I don’t mind wasting food but wasting sunscreen? heo na ##skintok ##skincare

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

If you enjoy your skin care tips served with a healthy side of humor, @Whatsonvisface is your type of a skinfluencer.  From comparing The Batchelor contestants to hyaluronic acid formulations, to recommending the best under eye tinted sunscreens for TikTok fans.  Skincare nerds have a safe place there.



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♬ FIESTA! UND – Serpens

Charlotte is enthusiastic about three things: cutting the BS from skincare, reading clinical studies and sculpting her encounter with her NuFACE device.  If this sounds good to you, you finally know where to find her. 



Here’s a ##lake I actually like 🤪 ##montana ##nature ##edutok ##fyp ##science ##laketok

♬ original sound – J.C. Dombrowski

Amongst his vids of exceptionally fascinating sea and creature facts (scared of caterpillars now tbh), JC’s skincare rounds up and honest reviews are incredibly useful. 



My face: oily and acne prone 🙃 ##skintok ##serums ##skincare

♬ Skincare obsessed SERUM by Cassandra bankson – Cassandra Bankson

If you have seen a skincare trend floating around on social media platforms, it’s possible that medical esthetician Cassandra has just posted a clip debunking the science behind it.

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