4 Canadian Fitness Influencers That Will Get You Fit in 2021

Most of us know how each year starts — after indulging in all the snacks and alcohol that the holiday season offers, we become dedicated to getting back on course with our fitness game. Fitness influencers are the best way to reintroduce a healthy diet and, of course, hitting the gym.

But there is a reason gyms are filled up the first couple of months of January and become disoriented about week four or three — the motivation to become as healthy as possible gradually weans and most men and women give up on their plans to exercise regularly. And we get it… life appears to take over a few weeks after the holiday season ends, and inspiration to workout can vanish fast.

Fortunately there are a few ways to inspire yourself to stay fit in the New Year, for example obtaining some inspiration from some of Canada’s top fitness influencers. These homegrown influencers do not just display their bodies in their Instagram feeds, they also demonstrate the hard work necessary to get there (and will motivate you to get there, too!) .

Below are just 5 Canadian fitness influencers to follow on Instagram to help keep you motivated in 2019.

Johanna Seier

Sometimes, fitness influencers are seen as aspirational as opposed to relatable, but Johanna Seier manages to be both. The Winnipeg-based coach and creator of Fit Girl Gang (an online female physical fitness program that harnesses the power of community to support each member through their goals) is as genuine as she’s healthy, and a fast glimpse at her feed will prove it. You could have a tendency to follow Johanna for her #fitspo pics, but you are going to stay around for her unfiltered images and messages of self-love and acceptance.

Cassie Day

One of the largest motivating factors in fitness is fire, and Cassie Day oozes of it. It’s clear the Toronto-based trainer and founder of All Day Fit and Fit Escapes retreats has a genuine love for our fitness and health industry — one only has to look at her infectious grin on nearly all her articles.

Caleigh Rykiss

The real definition of a boss babe, Caleigh Rykiss is the person to follow if you would like inspiration from a powerful, badass woman. The creator of BodyLove Inc.. (a.k.a. BOLO) in Toronto is a self-professed “body adore crusader” and also her feed reflects mantra. Follow along if you would like to be inspired to follow your dreams… or if you want a reminder of how much of a badass you are.

Beverley Cheng

If you find yourself needing a fast but effective exercise to follow, look no farther than Beverley Cheng’s page. Bev, who’s the woman behind Produced to Sweat along with the 30 Days to Fit program. She provides some killer workouts right on her Instagram feed, so you can easily follow along. She focuses on constructing that booty and building that core. And in the event you need further incentive, one quick look at her abs and glutes should do just fine!

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