5 French Fashion Influencers You Can Follow To Update Your Wardrobe

Before visiting Paris there is no better idea than to have a sneak peak at what the fashionistas of France are wearing to help prep your suitcase. And if you are not travelling to Paris, you can always impress the local community with some Parisian aesthetic. Carry on reading to see 5 of the best fashion influencers France has to offer to update and upgrade your wardrobe. Find top French Fashion Influencers.

1. Lucie Mahé

Whether you are a fan of the blazer or not, after seeing Lucie Mahé’s profile, there is a good chance you will be a fan by the end of it. Mahé specialises in creating pieces of clothing that hybrid the vintage and modern style.

Similarly, if you are looking to sport a similar style, you can find her vintage e-shop at @gavrochevintage , which offers unique fits you won’t find anywhere else, at a moderate price.

2. Denni Elias

If the vintage look is not really your style, Denni Elias has the solution. Elias tends to mix the high glamour style with mature designer pieces. If you’re looking to shine during the day or on a night out, Denni has the sparkles to help you achieve that.

Denni Elias also owns Club Sirena, where you can find many of her styles and outfits.

3. Anne-Laure Mais Moreau

‘Adenorah’ is another Parisian based entrepreneur and influencer, being the director and owner of Musier Paris. This comes after the name ‘muses’, which is what the French models like to call themselves.

Musier Paris focuses specifically on elegancy and beauty, modelling silky dresses, blouses with hints of vintage. They are also versatile in the way they model the high-rise denim jeans.

4. Jeanne Damas 

Jeanne Damas is another Top French Fashion Influencers Her fashion style is quintessentially Parisian, with a retro and artsy feel. She often wears flowy dresses, floral patterns, jeans, and leather boots. Her style is easy to recreate, and while she is undeniably chic, most of her outfits are quite casual because she wears really simple pieces.

5. Hanna Lhoumeau

If there was anyone you wanted to take you shopping, look no further than Hanna. Lhoumeau has an exceptional talent in mixing clothing that doesn’t look like it can be mixed, but somehow looks phenomenal every time.

 Unfortunately, it may be quite hard to get Hanna to take you shopping, so for now lets hope her Instagram keeps us updated with tips and tricks to copy her style.

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