7 Black Influencers You Must Follow For Beauty Tips

One of the most valuable approaches to actively support the Black Lives Matter movement is by teaching yourself, devoting yourself in history and equipping yourself with the info required to have the ability to fight racism, because as we have all been educated from a young age, knowledge is power. Black influencers are helping to fight against this by providing beauty tips specific to black women.

However, in order for true, lasting change to occur, it’s also very important to elevate the black voices that are making visible changes in the world — that not only includes supporting black-owned businesses that cover each sector, from style and jewellery into bookshops, hair maintenance, skincare and make-up — but it is not just about using the buying power you might have.

That power goes to social websites, where all of us possess the ability (and responsibility) to diversify our personal feeds if they’re not already, and also to continually amplify, consume and celebrate content from black creators, bloggers and influencers. So with that in mind, here’s a few brilliant Instagrammers to follow right now.


Kiitana is a NYC-based electronic content creator. She is obsessed with hair and her tutorials are some of the best we’ve seen concerning imagination and how simple they are to follow. She regularly posts trend, traveling and DIY content and her humorous IGTV series, Love It Or Leave it, is a must-watch.

Belle Michelle

If you are aware of any influencer’s skincare regimen then make it Belle Michelle’s. When the London-based creator is not posting hair hints and make-up videos, she posts inspirational outfits and frequently shares inspirational travel content.

Patricia Bright

Mum-of-two Patricia loves sharing all things beauty, hair and DIY skincare routines, in addition to plenty of fashion and all of the traveling she enjoys with her family.

Arnell Armon

Arnell Armon is an Oakland-based influencer. She is notorious for recreating actress appearances, such as Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj — it is not merely the make-up she does, though she colours and styles her hair, too.


You are going to be obsessed with everything out of her super bright and cheery outfit posts to her interior content — she is most definitely worth a follow.

Ebonee Davis

You may recognise Ebonee because of the model who wore her personalised wig at a Calvin Klein supermodel event; she’s also known for her TED Talk on her experience of being an African American model, which travelled viral across the world. She utilizes her Instagram platform to experiment with different hair and make-up looks.

Ohemaa Bonsu

Ohemaa’s daring make-up looks are next to none; exploding with colour and creativity, she makes YouTube videos where she shares her best beauty tips.

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