Balenciaga objectifies kids in their latest objects campaign.

Everybody has heard about the French brand “Balenciaga” unless they live under a rock. The brand has been mentioned in many hip-hop songs, including “like it like that” by Cardi B. The brand gained popularity after Kanye West promoted it, so much so that Kim Kardashian has been the face of Balenciaga. But recently, Balenciaga has been trending on social media for objectifying kids for their Day to Day objects campaign.

This week Balenciaga launched their Balenciaga objects campaign to introduce day-to-day objects. In this campaign, Balenciaga featured teddy bear handbags that were harnessed, bondage BDSM style handbags which they thought would be great if paired with kids. And it’s not just one image; it’s an entire collection of BDSM bear handbags with Kids. Along with sexualizing kids, they thought it was an excellent idea for a kid to hold a bondage teddy bear and stand in front of an alcoholic beverage cart. In this campaign, Balenciaga essentially objectified kids.

Balenciaga day to day objects campaign

And I wish things couldn’t get worse, but it gets worst. In Balenciaga’s recent campaign in collaboration with Adidas, people found the brand promoting sensitive documents in a campaign. Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson reported that the papers were from a US court case dismissed by the law. The court case would have created a loophole to make child pornography legal. The said court case was Ashcroft vs free speech coalition.

youtube: Fox news

In another ad picture, you can see a framed document mentioning the name “John Phillip Fisher”, a notorious child predator. Balenciaga has since deleted the image from their website.

Balenciaga has been promoting child abuse content in their previous campaign. People found many campaigns that featured Michael Borremans, the book “cremaster cycle.”

Amid the controversy, Balenciaga did make an apology statement, however, emptied their Instagram page.

Amid the Balenciaga backlash, we see Kim Kardashian, mother of 4 kids flaunting her Balenciaga and staying silent on the Balenciaga controversy. Kardashian’s comment section shows that people are mad at her for staying silent on the pedophilia ad campaign and still promoting Balenciaga on her Instagram.

Not just Kim Kardashian, but Khloe Kardashian shared a clip of The Kardashian season 2 finale where you can see Kim and Kris promoting Balenciaga. So if you think Child abuse or pedophilia ended with Jeffrey Epstein, then it hasn’t. And Hollywood celebs won’t be speaking out about it.

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