Male travel influencers are bursting onto the scene with their take on exactly what it is like to travel the world.

With so many destinations to see, these travel bloggers are taking us along for the ride, showcasing the highs and lows of travel, adventure and cultural adjustment – from stunning sunsets to lost passports, all with refreshing vibe.

Nomadic Matt @nomadicmatt

Nomadic Matt is a blogger and New York Times bestselling author documenting his travel with a difference, and definitely one of the best male travel influencers. Matt presents solo world travel in realistic and practical terms, staying away from paid trips and glamorous Instagram presets of other bloggers.

He answers questions like ‘how do I find the money?’ and ‘where do I find the best travel deals?’ in his comprehensive and detailed blog.

Nomadic Matt will help any aspiring traveler to see the places they have always dreamed of without spending all their life savings.

Jay Alvarrez @jayalvarrez

Jay Alvarrez is a 25-year-old male travel blogger and surfer with a lifestyle that most men can only dream of. Combining his passion for photography, travel and modelling make for the perfect Instagram feed. Jay is an inspiration for many aspiring male travel influencers.

2TravelDads @2traveldads

Husbands Chris and Rob have been together for over 13 years and have always had a love of travel,  which led them to create an original LGBT family travel blog. Nowadays, they have two kids but this hasn’t stopped them from seeing the world and documenting every step of the way. Breaking the mould of traditional solo travel, 2TravelDads are showing that you can travel the world with your children in tow.

Dan Flying Solo @danflyingsolo

Dan Flying Solo is a professional photographer and one of the top male travel influencers that let you see the entire world from a different perspective. His blog, or rather more of a photographic journal than traditional blog, is a feast for the eyes and the perfect place to appreciate some wonderful travel photography. Daniel is in getting to truly understand the locations he visits and the sense of importance that he upholds in trying to portray global traditional accurately.

Becoming Filipino @becomingfilipino

As a Canadian by birth, Kyle travelled the world in atypically backpacker style before deciding that his heart belonged to the Philippines, settling down there permanently. His journey is an interesting one to follow nevertheless and especially for those who have always wanted to up sticks and relocate to a different part of the world. Becoming Filipino offers a fascinating insight into what it’s truly like to relocate to somewhere where your ideas and beliefs are no longer the norm. Follow this one of the best male travel influencers to get inspired!

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