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Yasmin Furmie is a fashion icon, amazing influencer and content creator, and co-owner of SiSi brand. Recently, we have had the pleasure to do an interview with her. Scroll down to read about her story and her journey to becoming one of best style gurus, respected all around the world.

Taken from an interview conducted by Marti Fox with Yasmin Furmie for

Although Yasmin always loved fashion, she had never planned to start a career in this industry. She used to be a social worker until she met Jamal Nxledana, who noticed her sense of style and asked about doing a collaboration from his own brand Missshape.

Everything happened to her naturally. It was a mix of talent and opportunity at the right moment. Some would say that it happened by coincidence, but we think it was meant to happen, and the chance came to the right person.

MF: Was there anything that was holding you back in your journey?

YF: WE hold ourselves back. I think we even don’t think that we have an ability to do things, we don’t have enough confidence to do things. Sometimes, we get a little bit too comfortable with where we are and we don’t take risks. I got to the industry late, because of that, I think I just used to be too comfortable with where I was then.

Nowadays, Yasmin Furmie is a successful fashion content creator and co-owner of the brand called SiSi, that primarily used to offer a collection of classic white shirts, but it’s on the way to expand their line to black apparel.

MF: What is the number 1 key to succeed in this business?

YF: I have never thought I was going to be involved in this industry, so I have never thought what can be this number 1 key to succeed. It just happened, but perhaps my sense of style was the thing that people noticed, and that led me to success. So, my answer is to find something that is UNIQUE and something that is AUTHENTIC.

When asked what is the best thing in her career, the answer was simple: the creatives that she meets. Meeting amazing artists all around the world is a powerful and inspiring experience that teaches valuable lessons and changes one’s perspective. Yasmin opts for collaborating with people instead of closing herself in one self-zone.

Being in this industry can be difficult and overwhelming sometimes, so Furmie keeps her routine creative and fun. Yasmin wakes up in the morning and goes to the gym, she says it helps her to give the right boost of energy for the day, and then she meets for a coffee with her friend. Yasmin is busy, but does NOT forget to truly live.

MF: Do you have a motto that you carry with yourself throughout your life?

YF: To live your life with no apologies. And, to push your way in, because that’s the only way you get noticed.

The complete interview you will be able to watch on our YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned and check out our social media to be up to date!

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Yasmin’s Furmie Instagram: @yasminfurmie

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