Find The Perfect Travel Influencers for you!

Traveling is a huge niche with so many sub-niches you can focus on. There are differnt types of travel: adventure travel, luxury travel, health and wellness travel, gastro tourism, winter destinations, and so on. These Instagram travel influencers will inspire your wanderlust dreams!

Matt Karsten -the most adventurous traveler

Matt Karsten -is an adventure travel photographer with reach. Between his social media accounts, brand features and blog, he reaches 5 million people annually with his amazing photography and travel stories.

Nomadic Matt -Budget travel

Travel is about the experience rather than the money he spends. It’s about the people he meets and his ability to get lost, which allows him to discover the cultural nuances of the destinations he visits. He has featured on BBC, CNN, Time, National Geographic, Huffington Post and is the author of an award-winning book How To Travel The World On $50 A Day. On his blog, he has a following of 99 thousand on Instagram, 251 thousand on Facebook, and 117 thousand on Twitter.

Kirsten Alana -city guides

Kirsten Alana has amazing skills and takes beautiful city and landscape photos. She has more than 219 thousand Instagram followers and has worked with a number of brands including Air France and the Four Seasons

The Bucket List Family

In 2015 ordinary family decided to sell everything and they went on an extraordinary adventure around the world. They are brave enough to take their 3 kids on an epic tail. They are the most followed family on Instagram “Family Travel Journalists”. They may describe themselves as an “average family” but there’s no question the Gee’s don’t make for the average family photographs. You can watch them through their wholesome content on YouTube, Instagram, or on their website. In spite of their warning that this is “no vacation”, sharing its ups and downs, the family is having an incredible time of it!

Sorelle Amore The most free-spirited traveler

Sorelle Amore isn’t just about travelling, but also the philosophy behind it: reflecting on who you are, discovering that “solo voice”, being your own original and above all being free to create, live and explore. Her “advanced selfies”, as she calls them, are truly unique works of art.

Oneika -The most empowering traveler

One huge personality! Oneika started sharing what it means to her to be black and abroad in her blog. It is full of original content and is an inspiration to other travelers wishing to embrace the engaged and thrill-seeking lifestyle of which she is such a daring ambassador. She is so smiling and fearless, she has never missed an opportunity to chat with a stranger, parachute and bungee jump, or tackle topics like diversity and multiculturalism head-on.

Nathalie –The most luxurious

Nathalie is probably the travel influencer you’ll envy the most. She posts images of herself against wonders such Italian monuments or ancient desert ruins in flowy silk dresses like a real-life mermaid. She is going from one luxury hotel to the next, it’s all infinity pools on azure coasts, and cute pigs you can pet on some beaches of the Bahamas. You should watch her TikTok and Instagram videos for those perfect sunset vibes accompanied by soothing, peaceful music… She has around 500k followers!

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