5 Fitness Influencers From India You Have To Follow

In this edition, we’ll talk about some famous fitness influencers based in India, who are forming the mindset of society with their outside of the box fitness ideas and objectives.

The e-world has a whole lot to do in affecting peoples’ lifestyles. We occasionally feel like jumping on a strict diet, practicing yoga without understanding the advantages, just blindly following our influencers or celebrities, buying clothing that our favorite celebrity endorses, use shampoos we think are worth buying because a promising actor is promoting it, and this list simply goes on and on. Some of the decisions are somewhat beneficial while in most cases, we lose our individuality just replicating others. In the long run, it isn’t possible to maintain things without any soul or purpose.

Carry on reading for 5 fitness Influencers that can genuinely have a positive impact on your life:

Shweta Rathore

Shweta is an Global athlete and Miss World Fitness; she also has a lot of feathers in her crown. She’s over 355k followers on her Instagram account. She has been a new ambassador for various names. Enjoying family life to preserving hotness, you’ll acquire real-time inspiration with Shweta.

Nami Rai

Nami is a world record holder in the deadlift and a National athlete; she’s got more than 84k followers on her Instagram account. If you see their profile, you’ll come across this joyful soul giving real time physical fitness targets; her muscles will say everything. If you are into bodybuilding check out her page, it will be beneficial.


Kabita is a feminine fitness influencer who practices regular physical exercise to provide lifestyle goals, she pampers her audience with her charming personality. In this lockdown, if you want to boost up your Everyday workout routine, follow her for exclusive ideas.


Reshma is a PT qualified woman who encourages other women to eat healthily and raise the weight. If you are into fitness or bodybuilding, you can follow her for awesome content. She also provides online training, so in the event that you want to learn more about fitness, connect with Reshma through her Instagram profile.

Anjali Fitness

Anjali is similar to the fitness influencer following Doorway; the cute face functions a lot to maintain her fitness, she has more than 10k Followers on her Instagram, even if you would like to become healthy without stepping out of your home, follow her to get a hand full of successful exercises.

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