Fitness Influencers On A Way To Change

Fitness Instagram is a sea of inspiring wellness and fitness influencers that promote health and wealth, but there are also a lot of accounts that promote unrealistic fitness goals and tips that could harm us. Thankfully we’ve went through all the noise to find the best, and present it to you. These are 8 accounts that we found most inspirational.

Idalis Velazquez

Idalis Velazquez, a mommy of three kids, has an Instagram full of different routines, and her killer combos that will make you sweating before you even lift a finger. Plus, she breaks down each workout in English and Spanish for her followers.

Rosalyn Mays

When you think of pole dancing, unfortunately only one image comes to mind—tall, skinny, white, long hair. Rosalyn Mays aka Roz the Diva is on a mission to challenge that stereotype, by her funny and transparent pole dancing videos on Instagram. You can also find her hosting pole dancing classes at NYC’s Body and Pole.

LaShawn Jones

Dancer and choreographer LaShawn Jones brings high energy and creative routines to your daily life.

Check out Jones on Apple Fitness Plus, where she teaches 30-minute follow-along workouts from her studio in California.

Aditi Shah

Aditi Shah’s Instagram is full of helpful yoga tips and motivational messages, starting from nailing the warrior pose to getting a good deep stretch. She teaches through on-camera live yoga and meditation classes aimed towards elevating the mind and body.

Jessie Diaz-Herrera

Let Jessie Diaz-Herrera lead you with her body positive dance classes—a safe space for letting loose and getting down. Her Instagram account is full of 10-minute dance sessions, daily affirmations on self-love, and great TikTok videos. Following her is pure joy.

Charlee Atkins

If gyms aren’t your jam, you have to check out Charlee Atkins’ Instagram, which is basically a collection of easy at-home workouts that’ll motivate you no matter what your fitness skills are.

Nana Al Haleeq

Nana is a perfect influencer to follow for those who love weight-lifting. But don’t worry, if weights are a little too intimidating, you can also find beginner workouts on her page that are easily executed at home or with a partner.

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