An Exclusive Interview With Lifestyle Influencer Flora Law

Flora Law is an inspiring lifestyle influencer from Canada and we have the pleasure of bringing you an interview with her exclusive to Influencer International readers only! In our interview you can find more about Flora, her story in becoming a successful influencer as well as some advice for those dreaming of becoming an accomplished influencer.

Influencer International:  Hey Flora, it is amazing to have you here! First of all tell everybody who are you and what do you do!

Flora Law: I’m the writer and creative mind behind my blog, its Instagram page, and YouTube channel. This all began as a passion project in 2016 while I worked full-time as the marketing manager for a tech company. I loved what I did, but I’m pretty girly and it wasn’t the most fashion-forward industry for me, so I began to dabble in fashion and blogging on the side. Fast-forward a year and blogging became my full-time job!

Influencer International: From your Instagram bio you mention lifestyle, beauty and travel. Which type of influencer would you consider yourself as most?

Flora Law: I consider myself a lifestyle blogger since my platforms have grown into a space where I share my take on fashion, beauty, travel and all things in-between that I enjoy in my daily life 🙂

Influencer International: What are your most common collaborations? Which type of collab do you like to do the most?

Flora Law: I typically work with fashion and beauty brands the most, I would say those are my favourite ones too.

Influencer International: Since when did you know that you wanted to be an influencer? And how long did it take to become reality?

Flora Law: It was never actually a goal of mine, I just did it for fun and I didn’t even know it was possible for it to become a full-time reality! From when I started to post consistently with a strategy though, it took a year for brands and people to notice me, then it took another year to when I started making a full-time income doing it.

Influencer International: What is your secret to keeping engagement high on your Instagram profile?

Flora Law: I find that it comes in waves, but the trick is to be consistent, responsive, keeping active on the platform, but also paying attention to the type of content that does well with my readers and creating more of that.

Influencer International: What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far?

Flora Law: Oh gosh, this is a tough question…. but I feel like so far, it would be starting my own businesses and handling all the moving parts by myself while keeping the business, and myself healthy. Balance is tough and I’m happy I’ve found that.

Influencer International: Do you enjoy travelling? Where do you like to travel to?

Flora Law: Yes, I adore traveling and I can’t wait till we’re able to do so again! I love travelling anywhere sunny, with good food, and a beach doesn’t hurt.

Influencer International: What advice would you give someone who is trying to become an influencer now?

Flora Law: Start sooner than later and don’t be intimidated that it’s too saturated, there is still room for you! If you put in the work (which will be a lot at first), the payout will be worth it.

Influencer International: How often do you aim to produce content and posts on your Instagram?

Flora Law: I produce new content on a weekly basis (usually 2 shoot days a week) and will edit and spread out posting them the upcoming week.

Influencer International: How difficult was it to produce content when you were in lockdown?

Flora Law: It was definitely difficult to be motivated, because we were all stuck inside and there was really nothing to share, but I really embraced shooting indoors in my home and enjoyed that.

We would like to say a special thank you to Flora for the interview. If you enjoyed it, make sure to follow Flora on Instagram @thefloralaw and follow our page @intfluencer.official .

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