Hairstyles Trending Among Influencers In 2021

Hairstyles are always changing. This has allowed the hair and beauty industry to thrive on the newness. Thinking about the hairstyles that were trending just a decade ago makes you wonder what on earth people were thinking.

Any business in the industry know that they must adapt and acclimatise rapidly to the market to take advantage of the trends while they’re big. If they don’t, they lose competitiveness and of course, profit.

With the growth of influencers in this industry ever increasing, we found out what styles will be trending in 2021, and how you can sport these styles.

1. Long Scissors Hairstyles

I’m sure many of you had a go at cutting your own or a relative’s hair during the pandemic when we were all stuck in our homes unable to go to the hairdressers.

This is one reason why the long scissors style could make a comeback in 2021, as people take matters into their own hands.

Not only because you may have to, but the long scissors hairstyle gives a soft and natural look.

2. Shag Hairstyles

This isn’t a haircut that we have seen much of recently, but we think that the shag hairstyle could make a comeback as one of the most popular styles to sport. However, when a style returns, it normally returns in a different way. We innovate, thus a shag style with blonde layers or curls would be something to expect.

The shag style is relatively easy to wear and does not take up a great deal of time to style. Another great thing is that this hairstyle can work with pretty much any hair type and is very versatile in how you choose to wear it.

3. Ethnic curls

This hairstyle is a trend which has started to grow through the beginning of 2021, and we believe it could become very popular in the coming months, especially for summer.

Whether its on your Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, you will see this style everywhere you look. This style can also be worn with different colours, shapes and texture.

4. Butterfly Money Pieces

A look made more famous by Beyonce, there is no better time to try the Butterfly Money Pieces style than now. This style is very low maintenance and will only require you to visit your hairdresser every few months for a trim.

This look is perfect if you want to sport a style but don’t want to over commit. Brilliantly, it can be enhanced or relaxed with a small change of colour or brightness. This trend can only get bigger and people will be all over this.

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