How Fitness Influencers Can Take Advantage of ‘FitTok’

Within a minute or less, it is possible to achieve a lot more than you would think. If you are healthy and (maybe more importantly) imaginative, you can knock out several pushups that matches your own age and drown in money. Fitness influencers have taken to TikTok to create ‘FitTok’.

Toss in a very small bit of tech savviness and you could capture some videos and place them into TikTok. The super-popular app allows its millions of users to share short videos enriched with effects to create something which could go viral.

The Birth of FitTok

22-year-old Antonie Lokhorst did the match-your-age pushup challenge earlier this year. Incredibly, the resulting video received more than 3.9 million views. When 19-year-old Demi Bagby took her skateboard to the runway, she got 2.3 million views! That is a lot of eyeballs–along with a fascinating new chance to inspire others to get moving and sweating. It’s fitspo-tainment on TikTok: many people now recognize it as FitTok.

For fitness influencers, FitTok signifies the chance to exploit supposedly endless and popular amusements. After this, they change them into something which could possibly enhance the lives of millions. These videos deliver not-so-serious messages round fitness in a way that makes the idea of living a busy life look fun and more accessible. This is better when you’re incapable of doing wild back handspring and backflip stunts in the center of the road.

Since the length of videos is so limited on the platform and there’s a premium placed on brevity, the best TikToks hinge on someone taking action. The result is a new type of participatory park. This can include emerging celebrities posting challenges, workouts, and dances that you are encouraged to try and share to your personal friends. If Instagram was initially developed to resemble an art gallery, TikTok is more like a rave inside a carnival fun house. To clarify, that is a good thing.

TikTok representative stated there weren’t any concerted efforts to poach customers from rival platforms such as Instagram. However, TikTok is concentrated on making fitness lovers happy. The company’s creator team works closely with a select group of influencers to encourage. As the tech jargon goes, “content-performance insights, elevation, and expansion opportunities.”

The Power of TikTok

Perhaps you don’t care what stage you are on anymore, provided that what is on your feed entertains you. But Fitfluencers whose livelihood is dependent on capturing our focus to help us transform our own lives are contemplating the power of FitTok a great deal. And can the founders of those videos hashtag out a living, or even become rainmakers?

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