How Skinfluencers Have Boomed The Skincare Industry

Everybody knows how much power social media has in our day and age. Not to mention the immense recent growth it has endured in the past decades. It would be fair to say that it has allowed companies in the skincare industry to flourish in a way like never before. It has become the place to go for consumer researching and customers looking to purchase something.

The beauty sector

However, one sector that social media has revolutionised especially is the beauty industry. The industry has grown to such an extent that now beauty products have more engagement on all main social media apps more than any other category. This includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The rise of the influencer and the rise of the beauty industry arguably come hand in hand. Influencers give beauty companies the exposure and the traffic that they need. At the same time, influencers can go from unknown to famous through videos/tutorials on how to use make-up, or to style your hair.

Within the beauty business, skincare specifically has risen to levels of popularity higher than ever before. Consumers have diverted their attention to how influencers use skincare products, whilst proving they work. This has given rise to the ‘skinfluencer’.

Skinfluencers – skincare influencers

Consumers are staying at home much more than usual in the past year because of coronavirus. This means that they are spending a lot more time on social media. This has boosted the skincare industry immensely whereby skinfluencers offer personal advice. This is done through tutorials and posts about which skincare products will keep your skin clean and smooth under that facemask.

The innovation in skincare products from the growth of skinfluencers.

Studies show that consumer choice has shifted drastically to personal care items, such that 93% of consumers right now would rather buy skincare products instead of make-up products.

How skincare influencers succeed

There is a knowledge gap between the science of skincare, influencers promoting them, and the consumer purchasing. This makes it easier for companies and influencers to persuade consumers through social media that their product is the best. In this industry, the consumer needs a lot of assistance when purchasing. Especially in an industry with such a plethora of options and products striving for the same result.

This is one reason why skinfluencers have become so famous in the social media world. Because they offer ‘expert’ knowledge with such passion in a time where consumers can’t go to a shop and try it for themselves. Consumers resort to skinfluencers to decide their skincare regime more than ever.

Overall, the beauty industry is being driven more and more by advancing technology. Scarily, it’s not looking like its going to slow down any time soon. Consumers are relying on influencers more heavily, whilst giving loyalty to a certain personality or brand. It seems that skinfluencers and beauty skincare brands only have scope for more growth.

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