Influencer Brands Success- How To Monetize Your Following

21st century society has become used to the newly-formed celebrities called influencers. The Internet is full of talented YouTube creators, Instagram “hotties”, fashion & beauty bloggers and so on. Over the past several years, we are observing how they’re growing and building their online empires and influencer brands. Scroll down to read about some of impressive examples, we’ve chosen.

Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren started as an Instagram model and became a social media star. She didn’t stop then. After few years, she launched her first influencer brands, REN Active(@renactive), selling beautifully crafted and designed in the very same minimalist aesthetic style sportwear. She not only launched products, but a genuine brand with a message.

Although achieving an impressive success, it was still not enough for her. Last year she started, with a few other influencer brands, We Are Warriors(@wearewarriors), which is mental health & wellness community. The idea was to connect with her audience on a deeper spiritual level. It’s a safe space for everyone who feel the need to let go some thoughts and find their soul in the fast world.

Logan Paul

Logan is a YouTube king. If you are really into influencers, you must have heard about him and his massive success. His YouTube channel has over 20 million subscribers, so this is not surprising that his own merch(@maverickclothing) also got tons of sales – $3 million in 3 DAYS. What is the success behind his influencer brands?

There are many factors that affected company’s sales. Without any doubts, the biggest one is that Logan Paul was able to turn his subscribers into Superfans, and create the community(@themaverickclub) around his movement. People buy his products not only because they like them, but because they support him and want to feel Maverick  – which means having an original point of view and the courage to follow it to its end. 

If you are about to start your own brand based on social media following, definitely check out Logan and his incredible strategies.

Marti Fox

Marti Fox is a an influencer from Poland worth writing about. She shows us that not only social media stars with a massive following can achieve a success, but micro influencers have huge potential creating influencer brands, too.

Her journey started when she moved to Spain as a 19 year-old teenager. She started with an Instagram profile, at first, in a model influencer style, and then, she transitioned into business influencer. Now, she is about to launch her first company called Your Baddie Guide(@yourbaddieguide).

The Your Baddie Guide Company(@yourbaddieguide) is all about bad-ass women and the community of support, empowerment, laugh and fun. It’ll teach you how to be fearless, speak what you think, stand for yourself and NOT apologize for that.

They have also bucked new fashion trends bringing back pop-culture & 00’s memories to the life by creating a clothing collection, which transmits confidence as the whole brand itself. On, you will be able to find apparel inspired by best women’s memes and pop culture icons’ quotes, like Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan or Paris Hilton. Have you ever wanted to wear cute stuff like them? Now you know, where you can find it. Also, check out their Instagram profile – @yourbaddieguide. We promise, you will not leave it easily. Everyone of us needs this kind of daily dose of laugh.

The sassy motivational website for bold women and Your Baddie Guide Collection will be launched at the beginning of May, stay tuned!

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara’s start in the industry was very humble. She’d begun with a modest website called The Blonde Salad. It was a simple blog, which led up to her own Chiara Ferragni Collection brand.

The collection includes hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, tops, skirts, swimwear trousers, jackets, shorts, and underwear. There is a great deal of versatility. Everything on point.

Besides the success of her blog and brand, a huge moment in her life was when she became the first fashion blogger who appeared on Vogue cover (April 2015 Vogue España). Since then she frequently started to appear on the covers of famous magazines. It hit the number of 50.

On April 19th, Chiara Ferragni Collection announced the collaboration with Champion Europe, and then collaborated with Oreo due to a COVID-19 related campaign to grow her influencer brands.

Chiara today has over 20 million of followers on her Instagram and is one of the top 100 fashion & beauty influencers. Her success is an inspiration for many people. It’s even gained the interest of Harvard Business School and they used it for their case study in 2017. It was focused on how to monetize the dual streams of a blog and a personal brand as a business. Moreover, Chiara Ferragni was ranked FIRST on the Forbes “Top Fashion Influencers” list in 2017. What more can we say?

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