Inspirational Influencers Of True Spirit

The influencer world is growing so fast, that we are not even able to catch everything up. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry. We are here gathering information about best influencers to follow. Nowadays, we easily can get lost in the sea of social media profiles, but we should choose wisely who we’re going to follow. Not every choice is right. We definitely prefer to follow the influencers with a true spirit and willingness to share a valuable content with the audience. Scroll down to read about those inspirational influencers, who make every heart warmer.

@Marty_SanDiego – Diversity in Travel

Martinique “Marty” Lewis is an expert in a Diversity in Travel. Years of experience of being a Black woman in the travel industry and all the obstacles she’d forced have empowered her to take action and become one of the most inspirational influencers on Instagram.

Part of that includes championing other Black influencers whenever possible – calling out brands, if they lack in diversity, educating the travel industry on the business case for representation, or individually pushing work to Black influencers.

You can find her blog here.

@itsATravelOD – Remote Work

Andrea Valeria is a remote work beast. On her Instagram profile, she not only shares the various remote jobs that she finds on her Remote Travel Tuesday, but she also has an entire database of location independent jobs on her website! She does it for absolutely free.

You can also see her vlogging, blogging, and posting about her personal remote travel journey and best tips making her one of our favourite inspirational influencers.

Check her remote job board here.

@packslight – Creative Travel Funding

Gabby Beckford is a travel blogger at Packs Light. She strives to make travel accessible and exciting for people as young as possible as early as possible. Alongside her international adventures, she shares insider knowledge, advice, and actual links to travel funds, scholarships, grants, programs, etc. that she calls “Pack Light Travel Opps”, which you can find as well on her Instagram profile and her 365Masterlist.

In 2019 she spoke at study abroad conferences and in underserved communities, and ultimately she helped send young people to countries such as Egypt, Russia, Azerbaijan, San Francisco, and Toronto for free!

@HowNotToTravelLikeaBasicBitch – Reality Check Gems

Dr. Kiona’s Instagram and new podcast are her space where she gives you extremely unsugarcoated education on topics. From cultural relativism to indigenous rights, and other news-worthy content, like who gets to be a “local”.

By leveraging the goodwill of her audience and partnering with as many sponsors as possible, she’s been able to expand and accomplish some truly life-changing achievements. These include gifting a new hearing aid to person who didn’t have access to one, providing comped flights to whose in need who attend her Cuba tours. Moreover, she has filmed a documentary (on her own dime) about the Chinese cultural presence in Cuba that is in a big danger of being forgotten.

@MissBeeBright – Influencer Marketing

B, as she’s branded herself, is an entrepreneur, influencer marketing mogul and a mother.

On her Twitter account “The Influencer League”, she shares so much valuable experience. You can find years of free game in influencer-brand relations. This includes seasonal pitching tips, how to calculate your worth, and general tips for how to survive in this field.

If you are interested in finding out more, follow her Twitter account.

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