Interview with fitness influencer Connor Griffin

International Influencer presents to you our interview with fitness influencer Connor Griffin from the United States.

Hi Connor, how are you? Tell our readers a bit about yourself!

Connor Griffin is a Boston-based personal trainer whose clients include athletes, teenagers, elderly, & more. Connor was nominated by Reebok for America’s Most Inspiring Trainer due to the positive impact he has with his clients, at only 26 years old.

What type of influencer would you say you are?

Fitness influencer 

In what way do you try and influence your followers?

I try to bring the positive vibes every single day

We can see that you started your own business, tell us a bit about it!

The company is all about helping clients increase their health and well-being through customized training programs that never repeat the same workout. 

What was your biggest inspiration for starting this business?        

To create the best experience for a workout possible and to give more fitness professionals an opportunity for a career. 

What is the hardest thing about being a fitness influencer?

Realizing you are human on some days and telling yourself to take a rest day here and there and that having a donut isn’t going to ruin your physique.  

How did you manage during lockdown without going to the gym?

I say this anytime you cant get to a gym or weights the trick is to do 100 burpees. It is one of the most simple but effective workouts to do. 

Do you do many collaborations? What type of collabs do you prefer?

I have collabed with under armour, nike, reebok, the red sox, sabra hummus, & more. 

Impressive! What is your secret for keeping your followers engaged?

Being the hero they need every day. 

Has is taken long for you to build your profile?

It has taken 6 years of being consistent!

What are your plans for continuing growing HeroesBoston in the future?  

Growing the trainer team, having more classes, and just showing Boston we are the gym to train at!

If you enjoyed this short interview, be sure to check out Connor’s profile @griffc124 and stay updated on @intfluencer.official for more content like this!

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