Looking for Healthy Lifestyle influencers?

This time we’re all about Healthy Lifestyle influencers so we’ve devised our top Instagram influencers specializing Health & Wellness. Their goal is to help their fans get healthier.

We’ve gathered some of the best health and wellness influencers for your brand to follow!

1. Quianna Camper

She is a personal trainer and a wellness and health coach. Quianna’s fitness journey started long before she became a social media influencer! She is a trainer who mixes her background in dance with her passion for transformation.

2. Adriana Fox

Adriana has always wanted to learn about nutrition, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle since early age. As she got older, she decided to combine her passions of cooking and healthy living and started her insanely mouthwatering and colourful Instagram @fitandwellmedgal. Now she is healthy lifestyle influencers, she’s providing simple and nutritious recipes for all her followers!

3. Lucy

Lucy is dedicated to helping you live a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle She can inspire you to understand that a meal’s value doesn’t rest solely on its nutritional counts. She describes her Instagram as ‘passive-aggressively calling out fitness bs’ and we can all agree she definitely does a good job of doing so!

4. Hannah

 She is passionate about ensuring health and wellbeing for all. An education in Psychology and an MSc in Public Health. She shares evidence-based findings to support positive health and wellbeing for all. Healthy Lifestyle influencers Healthy Lifestyle influencers

5. Angie

Her healthy food pics are not only soul-filling, you should read her captions, it will make you feel like you’re reading a personal message from a close friend.  She’s such a natural at connecting with her followers on Instagram.

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