Makeup Artists and Beauty Influencers

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? The beauty industry is one of the most ubiquitous for influencers. There are so many beautiful and inspiring makeup looks on Instagram, and no shortage of influencers and enthusiasts creating new looks every day. 

Meet some of the most popular beauty influencers and see what makes them so influential.


She is an artist with an experienced background in the field of beauty. Jesi is best known for her eponymous YouTube channel. She has 181K subscribers on YouTube and 123K followers on Instagram.

Makeup by Rocio Cervantes

Rocio Cervantes is familiar for her unique styles and techniques and she’s the ‘Queen of Blending’ as per her followers. She’s changing the game in YouTube makeup community and her videos are absolutely entertaining to watch.

Makeup by Rosa 

Rosa  is an NYC-based makeup artist. She has gained widespread popularity there for her litany of tutorials, haul unboxings, and personal vlogging series Keeping Up With Rose. She has gained 304K subscribers on YouTube and 126K followers on Instagram.

Allison Ellis

Makeup addicted Allison Ellis is a beauty vlogger whose tutorials and routine videos have attained her 743K subscribers on YouTube. She shows her followers photos of her daily makeup looks as well as videos showing the process. She’s best known for her dazzling beauty tips.

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