Natalie Ellis built a multimillion-dollar business on Instagram.

Natalie Ellis is the CEO and cofounder of BossBabe. At just 28-years-oldNatalie is one of the creators and strategist behind BossBabe, the fastest growing online communities of ambitious women.

She built a multimillion-dollar business on Instagram.

She launched her first business–Oh My Glow, a product-based company–with zero marketing budget. She used Instagram and impressively, she was able to ship to over 60 countries within the first few months. From there, her product was in over 200 stores in the UK. Thereafter, she started BossBabe simply as an account on Instagram sharing sassy, ambitious quotes–which no one was doing at the time.

Natalie Ellis is the CEO and cofounder of BossBabe

With over 3 million women in her online community, BossBabe is one of the largest and fastest growing online platforms for ambitious women. BossBabe aims to provide inspiration, information and resources for women looking to level up their career or launch and scale up their own business. Connect with the community through their blog, podcast, female entrepreneur membership community and online business accelerators.

Tips to Natalie Ellis instagram success:

1. Plan Out Your Content Strategy -Just like a blog, it makes sense to plan your Instagram activity. Set up a rolling three-month content plan for all your social media, and allocate time to curate images, captions and hashtags.

2. Use Hashtags -Don’t forget to add your brand name as one of the hashtags

3. Clearly communicate what you do -Set up your profile properly. Use a great profile image, make sure your Instagram handle instantly conveys what you do, and write a good bio. Don’t forget to include your website URL!

4. Focus on your Target -It’s better to have 10,000 targeted followers than 100,000 random followers. So it’s essential to have an extremely clear picture of your ideal client.

5. Time – You need to find a balance between providing valuable content and pushing toward conversions. If every post looks like a sales pitch, your audience will lose interest.

6. Feedback -Instagram is – or can be – a two-way dialogue, so ask your followers to respond to your posts..

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