Paige Thorne gives more details regarding what happened to her break up with Adam Collard and how she’s going forward.

The love island’s Paige Thorne has been in the spotlight lately after videos surfaced that show lover Adam Collard is hugging a woman during the evening of a party. Even though he denied any incident had occurred, the pair later announced their split, confirming they had gone apart during the red carpet at the NTA.

The day is today that Paige has opened up. She talks about more videos rumors, as well about the breakup with Adam and how she’s handling the split.

Oh and there’s an aspect she’d like clarify the situation on.

Paige Thorne (c)

The first couple of months after they left The Villa

In August, Adam along with Paige had quit Love Island and were forever in the public eye as two individuals and then became “official” around the world beyond. “We were doing the long distance thing and were able to make it work fairly good,” Paige said. “We’d be patient and then visit one other, it was a breeze.”

But two months later and their was a video footage released of Adam engaged in a heated exchange with a woman in McDonald’s. This raised suspicion that the man was cheating. His rep has denied the claims by releasing a statement published within The Sun: “Adam headed to McDonald’s after an evening out with group of friends. The group of friends were in the restaurant and were soon approached by bunch of girls who wanted to take pictures. Adam was a nice guy who was willing to pose for photos and converse with girls. He was also seen by others who wanted to chat in the video.

Adam is aware of the way this video looks, but Adam would like to state that he left the place with his companions. Along with his 60 nuggets (with only himself) with the intention to return home secure. Adam and Paige are currently involved in a relationship, and Adam is just attracted to her.”

Paige Thorne gets more and more DMs

Paige states that they initially tried to maintain the relationship although she claimed that she received additional videos via DMs. “I have heard people say things about what was he doing and what he did however you aren’t convinced of it. He assured me that nothing happened, and his tone was, ‘Get over it’. I was furious, but, how can I believe everything everyone else says while the man was treating me the same manner in private?”.

“By this point I’d already received a second video through my DMs which hasn’t been made to the public yet. He wasn’t aware of it. This was like a massive punch into the face.”

In spite of that, Paige and Adam vowed to be back at the table. “I thought, ‘We can put this behind us. We’ll get through it. Everyone else doesn’t have to know what’s happening with the video. I’d like to stay together with you all.'”

Paige Thorne and Adam Collard during Love Island (c)

“I deleted my photos and did not get any response from him.”

Paige claims that Adam was in Bali and that, even though their relationship was fine for a few weeks, something was getting weird. “It got to maybe the third day” when Adam began to look suspicious of his texts. He didn’t text me in return. He allowed me to stay in a ‘read’ state for the rest of the day. My boyfriend was following me. So I asked him “If you had 5 minutes I’d like to call you. I asked him to respond. He replied: “We’re looking for a quick phone call, however I’m having an event to attend and I’d like well-rested to be prepared for the occasion.”.

I simply thought at the moment “We’re done. It isn’t an act of humour” he said. I did not want the situation to end this way but at least we’re aware of the actions we’re taking. We didn’t engage in a debate. I removed my Instagram images and never received any messages from him. It was as simple as that. There was nothing that could be described as “I’m sorry” or “Let’s talk about it, there was no discussion. After that, it was clear that they announced the awards, and we walked the Red Carpet together.” Paige claims she was provided with a second clip of Adam and a third-party. “Literally five minutes prior to getting on the red carpet, I saw a video clip of Adam kissing an innocent female in Bali. The tears were flowing in the car before taking to the red carpet.”

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