Fitness Influencers’ Diverse Impact On Their Followers

Although fitness influencers can promote a great, healthy lifestyle to their followers, unfortunately there are also some that will promote any product or service. Some promote products that gives them income, regardless of the health risks and potentially harmful lifestyle it poses. Nonetheless, the fitness industry has been and still is growing exponentially. This is the reason why so many people want a piece of the cake, morally or immorally.

Who are fitness influencers?

The definition of a fitness influencer is becoming broader every day. Therefore, the general classification are people who provide workouts, diets, programmes or even motivation to their followers.

The fitness influencer market is one that has shot up in the past few years. Needless to say, this came from the great rise in users on social media, especially Instagram and now TikTok.

Each fitness influencer has the ambition to create a loyal, interested following base. This helps them achieve their goals, all digitally. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they are almost like a digital personal trainer!

Therefore, as users and followers become more loyal and motivated to achieve their goals, they will be more engrossed in the whole ‘project’. This means that influencers endorse a product or a session that clearly has had great success for them. Therefore, followers will want to follow in their footsteps and buy these products that they advertise.

The power of fitness influencers

Despite the fact fitness influencers mostly only work on social media, you would not believe how much of an impact they have had on the market as a whole.

The rise of the fitness influencer has completely changed the way companies are now marketing, producing, and generating profits. Investing marketing strategies into the influencer world has proven to be the favourite among companies. Thus, it has now become critical for their success.

Once people become invested in the personality and page of the influencer, they will become so loyal. Consequentially, the power the influencer has on their every day lives is enormous. Whether it is tuning into their live for a workout, following a 3-month plan, using a diet that they have created, or even buying the products that they use, a fitness influencer can impact their followers like never before.

Especially during lockdown throughout the pandemic, everyone is trying to stay fit in their homes and what better way is there than to invest your efforts into Instagram at a click of a button.

The danger of fitness influencers

Unfortunately, when there is a market reaching a value of trillions there will almost certainly people getting involved solely for revenue purposes, at the expense of other people’s health. There are many ‘influencers’ who are built like Hulk but do not have to workout as much as you’d think because of genetics.

Everybody has different needs and different body types, which can pose dangers. Often influencers will advertise and endorse products that can be genuinely harmful, in return for quicker growth.

Similarly, many followers become slightly obsessed with the regime and diet plan that influencers use, which can be extremely dangerous for someone with a different body type. Overall, fitness influencers pose many advantages to the market which has accentuated its recent growth throughout the past years.

Although this has allowed the industry to accelerate to unimaginable heights, with it have come many problems. The immoral will some have to make money puts many naïve followers at risk, which can sometimes be quite dangerous. Would you say fitness influencers are positive or negative?

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