TikTok Influencer Mama Tot son killed in Alabama Shooting

Alabama-based Tiktok influencer Ophelia Nichols aka Mama Tot shared on her Social media about the tragic death of her son. Her son, Randon Lee was shot on the night of 25th June in Mobile, Alabama just a day before his 19th birthday.

As this message was shared the fans started messaging her with condolences. There has been no information on the motive and felony of the shooting. Mama Tot has also asked her followers to share information regarding shooting if they have any. 

Mama ToT statement


With 7M followers in her Tiktok, Mama Tot goes by the username “shoelover99”. She had taken her youtube platform to share her struggles of being a single teen mom, and being homeless with a newborn. And she has been helping people going through the same struggle on her social media since 2014. 

Regarding the shooting Mama Tot doesn’t have full information regarding the incident. She addressed TikTok and said, “There’s almost seven million people who follow me, somebody’s got to know something.

Mama Tot said that her son was shot and that she had “hatred in her heart” that she doesn’t “recognize” because she’s “never felt hate for anybody“.

Randon was one of Ophelia’s four kids. He was the eldest. He worked at Controlled Environment Systems and was in a relationship according to his social media profile. 

There is a Gofundme page set up for Randon Lee’s funeral cost for $75000 but just in a couple of days, it has raised $243000.The funeral will take place on the 2nd of July.

This is the saddest thing one can do is bury their child who was murdered just a day before their 19th Birthday. If you have any information regarding the culprit or situation please share information with Mama Tot.

We hope the culprit gets arrested really soon and justice prevails for Randon Lee. And we wish for strength and heartfelt condolences to Ophelia.

We will inform you if there is any update in the case.

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