Top 7 series that premiered in 2022

2022 started for me with excitement to watch How I met your father; as a super fan of its prequel series, HIMYF was impressive but not as good as its prequel. So as the year went by, I watched a few new series that premiered in 2022 while continuing to watch recent seasons of my favorite series in the past. I also said goodbye to Derry girls this year as they premiered their series finale. The show channels the issue that Derry has to face before the Good Friday agreement. It is a funny show about teenagers being teenagers during the late 80s and early 90s in Derry, Northern Ireland.

However, with new series coming out each week on millions of different platforms, I don’t have the budget to pay for them. I haven’t watched all the series that came out in 2022, and neither will unless they are highly recommended. Heck, 90% of the streaming platforms I have belongs to my family members; that’s why you have cousins and siblings to share the streaming platform and family gossip. So this is my article, and I am sharing my experience with these shows; you might disagree with my choice, and that’s ok. I can list more than 50 shows, but that would be too much to write, and I don’t get paid enough. So here are my top 7 series that premiered in 2022

The Moonknight (Disney+)

MCU phase 4 movies and series are ranked the lowest , but I enjoyed Moonknight. TBH I loved Ethan Hawke and watched this series for him. But the storyline was excellent; however, I was pissed they didn’t show the massive chunk of action sequence during personality change. To summarise the plot, I would like to quote Screen Junkies “MCU first Jewish superhero enslaved by Egyptian God.”

series: Moonknight

MS. Marvel(Disney+)

You can come for me for saying Ms. marvel wasn’t the best series of 2022, but I beg to differ. As a South Asian woman, I feel more represented by MCU than any other recent years TV show, like never have I ever. And every middle-class immigrant can relate to it, and the Backgroud Music is incredible. And the fact it showed the Disney version of the IND-Pak partition was more brutal than they showed in the series. It’s funny not many people in the west don’t know about it and know about India/Pakistan issues. Loved the fact they showed the partition and the trauma it caused. If you realize, in the MCU, Superhero of color have to fight generational family trauma to emerge as Superhero, exhibit A: Black panther, Shang chi, and Kamala, and that is so much more relatable than any other MCU superhero.

series: MsMarvel

The woman across the street from the girl in the window (Netflix)

The Psychological thriller parody is one of the best funny mystery thrillers out there. In past years the rise of mystery thrillers like “the woman in the window” and” the girl on the train”, this series parody them brilliantly while serving the essence of a mystery thriller. Kristen Bell can do justice to anything she is on.

series: The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window

Abbott Elementary (Disney plus)

ABC’s Mokumenatry-style school drama is one of the best sitcoms of 2022. It shows the struggle of underfunded, mismanaged school teachers being filmed for a documentary. The daily grind of teachers in an underfunded school makes you appreciate the teachers that work for the betterment of students

series: Abbott Elementary

Blackbird (AppleTV)

Blackbird is an apple tv miniseries based on true events. It’s the story of how the notorious serial killer Larry Hall was convicted. If you liked Netflix’s “Mindhunter”, you would like this series. I guess the maker of “Dahmer” on Netflix must watch this to show respect to the victim and not romanticize the monster.

series: blackbird

The Bear(Hulu)

It is a comedy-drama about a fine-dining Chef who inherited a Deli shop in Chicago after his brother’s sudden death. The chaos of running a sandwich shop with a rundown kitchen that is in debt and with unruly staff. It is one of the best shows I have ever watched. I wonder why it is not mentioned as much.

series: the bear

The Sandman (Netflix)

Now the MCU’s rating is going down for phase 4, and Netflix’s comes out with DC’s “The Sandman”. Created by the comic writer Neil Gaiman himself, it is the best adaptation of the comic series. Neil Gaiman was the writer and creator of “Good Omens” for amazon prime, and if you liked that series in the past, you would love The Sandman. However, the sandman is not funny compared to ‘Good Omens”. 

series: the sandman

Special mention to

House of the dragon (HBO)

The prequel to GOT shows the events 200 years before GOT and 172 years prior to the birth of Daenerys Targaryen. Considering the disappointment of GOT’s series finale, House of dragons is very good. Just understand that it’s not GOT, but it’s the politics within the House of Targaryen when they are at the peak of their powers and what leads to the civil war within the kingdom.  

series: house of the dragon
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