TOP Influencers To Follow On Instagram Who Will Help You To Achieve Your Body Goals

When we are talking about diet, wellness and fitness, there are plenty of Instagram influencers out there who claim to be “experts”. However, the reality might be different and we shouldn’t always trust what we see and read there. Although if you are looking for some good tips, you can also find many knowledgeable dieticians, fitness trainers, and nutritionists who really know what they’re talking about and might help you in building your healthy habits. Choose wisely who you are going to follow. Don’t settle when it comes to your health. We want to help you in finding the right influencer to stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Keep scrolling to see some seriously awesome Instagram profiles to check out!


She has a no BS approach to health&fitness moreover her spunky personality will encourage you to “sweat with swagger”.


Massy Arias has an amazing body. Do you want to know how she does it?Well, then check out her Instagram profile, where she shares her food, workout and precious mommy moments.


As a personal trainer, she has a great deal of advice and workout ideas. As a busy mom, she is also into helping parents who are looking to get in shape but don’t have so much time. She stays real for her followers showing her life, how she balances family and fitness.


Mackfit is known in the celebrity and influencer fitness circle because he’s gotten A-listers — like Jordyn WoodsAriel Winter and Hannah Stocking — in tip-top shape. He is very motivated and passionate about encouraging his clients to put in the fitness work.


Sharon specializes in plant-based recipes and even has written a book about it. Think vegan BLTA —bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado — sandwiches, corn muffins with apples and colorful smoothies. Are you hungry yet?


The @collegenutritionist gives her followers colorful, healthy and delicious meal prep ideas. Just in case, you don’t have to be in school to enjoy her affordable and easy recipes.


Jen is the fitness director for Shape and lets her followers have a glimpse into her life by sharing what she eats and how she works out.

The best part is that she keeps it real showing she’s also got struggles when it comes to for example running up hills or those days that you just NEED a slice of pizza.

“Trust me I feel the same struggles and setbacks that you do, the same self-doubt that always seems to creep its way into your inner dialogue, and even the same cravings and coping mechanisms when I experience stress,” she wrote in a post on September 16.

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