Who Is The Best Micro Men’s Fashion Influencer?

Are you looking for an interesting gentlemen to follow or thinking of becoming a men’s fashion influencer? Scroll down to read and get an inspiration from the best ones.

Fashion has always heavily favored women’s style. But we are entering into an age where fashion is beginning to blur the lines between sexes and male fashion is becoming more daring and unique in itself.

Chances are that if you’re into menswear, you’re already following a selection of the most stylish guys on Instagram: big names with big followings such as Nick Wooster (442k followers), Adam Gallagher (1.2m followers), Johannes Huebl (641k followers), Tinie Tempah (557k) and Jim Chapman (1.3m followers). However, the next-level menswear move is to follow those micro men’s fashion influencers who not everyone knows about, yet.

Sug Sean

Sug Sean run by Sean Webster is dedicated to sharing content based around mens fashion, lifestyle and grooming.

Wit over 55 thousand followers, Sean has a strong online presence on both Instagram and his blog, where he tackles relevant topics within today’s society. He posts scenic images from his travels around the world as well as color-coordinated outfit snaps, and is well known for his quirky and artistic photographs.

Moreover, Sug Sean is dedicated to contributing, and shows shows support for a number of causes that he feels passionate about, including the environment and human rights.

Man For Himself

Behind the Man for Himself stands Robin James and as a niche influencer, he spends his time exploring topics such as mens lifestyle, fashion and grooming.

Besides popular Instagram profile, Robin has a hugely successful YouTube channel where he posts more long-form content.
James has become a successful role model for men, using his platforms to encourage individuality.

Not only he is posting men’s fashion hauls, hair care tutorials and skincare routines, but also he got into issues such as male mental health, providing honest and genuine support to his followers and beyond.

Matthew Zorpas

Matthew is a founder of fashion blog The Gentleman Blogger, a lecturer and a creative consultant. He posts regularly about the places he’s visiting and the brands he’s wearing. He did some very interesting collaborations with big brands like Burberry and Goodwood. So, are you wondering how this modern men’s fashion influencer lives? Surely, with lots of travel, fine dining while wearing excellent outfits.

Mikko Puttonen

Mikko Puttonen started his blog in 2011 when he was just 16 years old. He was still living in his small Finnish hometown of Muurame, and back then he had electric blue hair and rocked rainbow hues. Over time, his style has changed drastically. Today, you will his style muted down to more relaxed and modern. Check this top men’s fashion influencer right now!

Joseph Clough

Joseph Clough is the face behind menswear blog Joey London. He used to work in a bar, but decided to change his life’s path and in a short period of time became one of the best micro men’s fashion influencers. Moreover, Joseph has just launched his YouTube channel, which you have to check out.

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