Instagram Accounts That Will Uplift You – Find Your Peace In The Middle Of Your Social Media Feed

We always introduce you to amazing influencers, like workout gurus, travelers or fashion bloggers. Today we would like to share with you a totally different kind of what we haven’t done before; uplifting Instagram accounts.

Astrologers, love experts, manifestation guides. These are the Instagram accounts that will add a little light and perspective to your daily life and your feed, especially in dark times.

They will push you to grow, change, and take on the hard stuff.

Moon Omens

Moon Omens (@moonomens) always makes us step back and think a little bit differently. He shares his daily affirmations and unique perspective on what’s happening currently in the world.

Lukas Notes, a co- founder, also has his own personal Instagram accounts, his sense of spirituality especially resonates with young people.

Heidi Rose Robbins

Heidi (@heidiroserobbins) is an astrologer who writes impressive daily forecasts. They are super specific and optimistic, touching on everything from moon rising to human nature. These are the types of posts you won’t see on anyone’s Instagram accounts.

The Hood Witch

Started by Bri who calls her Instagram profile (@thehoodwitch) and site “Everyday magic for the modern mystic”. The Hood Witch is inspired by “the curanderas and the wise women in the neighborhood botanicas that [she] grew up in.”. Bri transmits unique sensations and the perspective that integrates wellness, healing and mysticism.

Yung Pueblo

Yung (@yung_pueblo) is an NYC-based writer, speaker and meditator who helps people cultivate their feelings of self-worth. He empowers his community in each of his posts. They also prescribe to love and relationships.

Lalah Delia

Lalah (@lalahdelia) is a freshly published author of “Vibrate Higher Daily”. She’s a spiritual practitioner who uses her own life and all the obstacles to teach the others by sharing what she’s learnt. Check her Instagram accounts posts to get a daily inspiration.

The Class

Taryn Toomey(@taryntoomey) is the founder of The Class (@theclass) as a “transformative workout of the body and mind”. The same energy she transmits on her Instagram account. She runs online classes, too.

Shaman Durek

He’s the author of “Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World”. Check it out, they say that it’s lit.

Durek(@shamandurek) doesn’t need a celebrity reference to spread his good word of bringing Shamanism into the modern world with language the kids can get behind and an enlightened, inspiring worldview. He’s often referred to as “Gwyneth Paltrow’s Shaman”.

To Be Magnetic

Built by Lacy Phillip, “To Be Magnetic” workshop (@tobemagnetic) gained legions of followers who subscribe to her philosophy and use her new language of manifestation.

If you’re not sure about joining her program yet, you should definitely go and check her Instagram profile, which gives insights into her outlook daily, with innovative tips for a change by accepting yourself.

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