Bringing A Different Perspective On Workouts – Two Toned Training Influencer Duo

Recently we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Two Toned Training. This fitness influencer duo was started by two sisters looking to bring a unique sense of inclusivity and excitement to what can be an intimidating thing for many.

The idea came to life when the pandemic started one year ago. Lots of people were looking for the solutions to keep themselves in shape, and that was a perfect time for Team Two Toned to start.

Let us introduce you to the beautiful Shaina and Leah Douty, who bring with them an impressive fitness background. Shaina is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor who currently teaches at Equinox clubs throughout Boston. As a former competitive dancer, she brings with her intricate moves and an inspiring upbeat vibe. Leah is a NASM certified personal trainer and recognized 2 sport collegiate athlete. As a Fitness Director, she is a natural leader and motivator. Together they are a truly dynamic duo and their boot camp style workouts can be easily modified to cater to a wide range of fitness levels.

If you want to get in shape, and do it in a fun way, you should definitely check out an Instagram profile of the digital social platform for fitness @joinsalut, and join them for their online workout classes.

Marti Fox: How did your influencer career begin?

Shaina Douty: It started as Instagram Lives and Zooms. We got such a positive feedback from our family and friends. And we were like.. Hey wait, I think that we might have something here! And what was interesting about it was that I was mostly doing behind the scenes stuff related to digital marketing, cause back then I was already working with some other brands doing their influencer marketing. It was very interesting to shift onto the other side – being on the influencer’s side versus on the brand’s side. It’s an unique perspective.

Marti Fox: Have you had any bad experiences on your way, or was there anything that was holding you back?

Leah Douty: When you get into this influencer’s side of thing you have to be ready for people to criticize. But anyway, whatever you do in life, people are going to have something to say about it. So it’s just being able to be vulnerable, and know that there will be MANY people who will LOVE your message, they are going to love you and the things you’re doing. But also, there will be people who will hate on it. And you just have to ACCEPT that. Us, always being “people-pleasers”, that was a bit hurtful for us.

Marti Fox: When it goes about workout… There are times when we don’t feel motivated. Does it happen to you often?

Leah Douty: Shaina and I get asked this all the time. I think that PREPARATION is the key.

Whether it’s meal preparation, so making sure that when you open a fridge, instead of searching for products, you’re going to get the meal that you had already prepared.

Or laying out your workout clothes, or writing down “I’m going to do this workout”, or having it on your list. And REMEMBERING your “WHY”. When you start losing your motivation, you have to go back to your “why”, why you started it.

The complete interview with Two Toned Training will be available to watch on our YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned and check out our social media to stay up to date!

Instagram: @intfluencer.official

Two Toned Training Instagram: @twotonedtraining

Marti’s Fox Instagram: @mydearmarti

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