Zara launches foundation and concealer skin love collection

When it comes to Zara, the first thing that comes to mind is on-trend affordable clothes or fast fashion. In recent times they are TikTok famous for its perfume. And rightfully so, they managed to dupe the high-end fragrance at an affordable price. I have been a fan of their fragrance before they were TikTok famous, for the fact their 30ml fragrance was easy to carry on the purse and smells wonderful. I can write about them and their expensive counterpart.


Recently Zara launched their skin collection with foundation and concealer. To me, they really look promising. They have 51 shades of foundation and 36 shades of concealer, they understood the inclusivity assignment. Even for the promotion, persons of color have been presented as the face of the campaign. For the inclusivity they get 5 stars from me, this may be because of my brown bias but I love to find my shade without mixing multiple foundations. The sole reason I will always love Nars, a decade back only they had the shade which matched my skin tone.


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The foundation is called the Limitless Soft Matte foundation. It is medium to full coverage. according to Zara’s website, the foundation is light, long-lasting (up to 12 hours), and adjustable with a soft matte finish look. It claims to control oil and has an impeccable effect. With such a claim, I have my doubts about how it will feel on dry skin such as my own. 

The concealer is called Luminous creamy concealer. With a 36 shades range, the website claims the concealer is medium coverage and can be built up to full coverage with a satin finish which provides a radiant glow.

Not many people associate Zara with makeup. Zara launched their first makeup collection around 2018 (not really certain about the timeline). Their first launch was a lip collection including lipstick, lip liner, matte and shine liquid lipstick, and lip shimmer. The collection was made in collaboration with the one and only Pat Mcgrath. I did buy myself some Line and shine duo which had lip liner and glossy liquid lipstick. To this day I swear by these duo packs. For someone who has a dry and crusty lip, those liquid lipstick were heaven-sent. Then the covid happen, the line was discontinued never to be seen again.

Soon after Zara launched their makeup line, which was just meh. The powder blush and bronzer were chalky, the nail polish for the price was not amazing and the Lipsticks were not even to compare with their previous launch. They were pretty disappointing in comparison to what other high street brands were coming up with. To be honest Primark’s makeup was better in comparison to ZARA

Currently, the foundation is sold only online. The Zara stores I have been to don’t have makeup displays. In conclusion am I interested in buying it, hell yes? But would I ? no, I wouldn’t as my 2022 goal was to buy what only needed and I have like 4 new foundations to use. But in the future, I will grab this foundation and concealer along with their new body mist. Would I suggest you buy this? It’s up to you. You want a new foundation and want to experiment yes go for it. Their shade collection did impress me. But if I have to suggest 1 thing from Zara, it would be their perfume.

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